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American International Medical in

American International Medical
American International Medical
American International Medical (AIMCARDIO) buys, sells and services exercise equipment, fitness equipment, CARDIOVASCULAR, PHYSICAL THERAPY, CARDIAC REHAB, and CARDIOLOGY equipment. Our markets include: CLINICS, DOCTOR'S OFFICES, and HOSPITALS. We also carry EKG RECORDERS, ULTRASOUND MACHINES, HOLTER RECORDERS, DEFIBRILLATORS (Defibrillators HP-43100A, Defibrillators HP-Codemaster XL) and DISPOSABLES such as EKG ELECTRODS, EKG PAPER, PATIENT CABLES AND PATIENT WIRES. American International Medical (AIMCARDIO) inventory includes PC.BOARDS, replacement MONITORS and other related SERVICE parts and MANUALS. SERVICE CONTRACTS are available for selected equipment purchased or serviced by American International Medical (AIMCARDIO). Take advantage of our great specials on Fitness Equipment, and other exercise equipment.

American International Medical
Symar California

Contact : Joe Avina
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